About Our Fire Safety company

The Miraculum difference

The vast majority of current fire retardant products contain a large number of unwanted and harmful chemicals that pollute our environment. Our family of ISO 834 certified, eco-friendly, highly-effective fire retardants enable new paradigms in fire protection and during active fire fighting.  Miraculum’s patent pending green tech forest fire product line protects various types of materials, homes, public buildings, critical infrastructure, glass, as well as timber.

Miraculum’s eco-friendly green tech fire retardants also ensure textile products with a highly effective, yet environmentally safe, level of protection unmatched by others.  Miraculum’s products provide both defensive and offensive protection because our products reduce heat from a fire and keep a fire from spreading.  In fact, once sprayed, an area will never burn again, providing a “safe zone” for firefighters by “cooling” a fire. In addition, our products can be effectively used, for example, for both chemical and oil spills.  Particularly noteworthy is our product’s verified; third-party-tested effectiveness on very flammable 2 x 12 mm plywood treated with our fire retardant -- which suppresses fire for an amazing 89 minutes and only then charcoals!  This provides a “safe zone” for fire/rescue teams to arrive, increasing safety and reducing damage (and cost) to property.

No other known CleanTech solutions on the market today can be used both as a preventive and an active firefighting product. The market for highly effective and preventive fire retardants, as well as active fire extinguishing products, is increasing at an exponential rate because many of the current fire retardants being used today are harmful to people, animals and the environment. In addition, policy changes (and regulatory laws) are now taking root in many countries that severely limit (or even prohibit) the use of existing environmentally harmful (and often toxic) products. As a result, many of today’s available solutions are living on ‘borrowed time’ and will soon be replaced by more environmentally-friendly alternatives, including the Miraculum family of products.

Our team of professionals “think outside the box” and are inventors with creativity as well as highly seasoned serial entrepreneurs, former military members, sales and marketing professionals, application specialists and “CleanTech” administrators. Our team consists of institutional strategists with skills developed and nurtured by years of experience in taking action to build great companies and products.  Let us show you how we can make a difference for your property and quality of life!

  Highly effective, Patented  CleanTech fire retardants 


Miraculum, Incorporated USA is a U.S. corporation founded in 2015, referred to as “Miraculum" (Latin for miracle) or "Miraculum Fire”. Our patented and patent pending, highly effective, eco-friendly green tech fire safety products address structure fires as well as the wildfire industries. Our portfolio of products have proved highly-effective in both prevention and during active firefighting through extensive and exhaustive testing of our products by third-party research entities. Through our extensive testing other uses became apparent, i.e. oil and gas industry, textiles (fire blankets), inside walls, glass, facades, property perimeters creating "fire gates", kitchen grease fires and even auto fires.  Miraculum's products can be used for textiles, in aerial firefighting, in a variety of types of fire extinguishers, sprinkler systems, surface coatings, and home furnishings are just a few of the area of uses for Miraculum’s family of eco-friendly products. Miraculum's IP is both ground-breaking and disruptive technology.